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walk in placements

WhiteChek vision is to decrease physical walk-in interview and exceed internet placement to each jobseeker. WhiteChek do not receive no money from jobseeker.WhiteChek vision is to provide wings to each jobseeker and diminish unemployment from world.WhiteChek main concern is to increase placements and provide Jobs to all jobseeker. We propose a paramount platform to get hold of walk in placements.WhiteChek has a skillfull HR Team which are helping every jobseeker to get placed in different companies. We are annoying to shrink unemployment from Jaipur-Delhi.WhiteChek has tie-up with a lot of organization who are offering healthier exposure to Jobseekers and Providing Desired salaries.WhiteChek is offering these walk in placements services to every Jobseeker Free of Cost.We are consulting every Jobseeker who want jobs and providing Better opportunity in companies.

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5/187,Laxmi Marg, SFS, Mansarovar, Jaipur-302020.

Mobile No:+91 9694708506, +91 8094444117

E-MAIL: whitechekitservices@gmail.com, whitechekgroup@gmail.com

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